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I believe fullCalendar is the best JavaScript based calendar solution a developer could wish for.  The features are compelling and the documentation is excellent.  If you are reading this I guess you also agree. 😉

Who is this book for

Right now the level of this book is very adequate for developers:

  1.  integrating for the first time fullCalendar on a client’s  project
  2. inheritors of a fullCalendar project that need to know what is happening in that code
  3. evaluating JavaScript or jQuery calendar solutions
  4. curious about fullCalendar


This is the current content of the book:



Next planned subjects:  using multiple event sources, recurrent events.


Some screenshots







This book follows the same style as my pyFPDF book. I share many code samples and advice that you may find helpful while working with fullCalendar. Although the documentation is excellent and Google and StackOverflow are a developer’s best friends, I think that by centralizing and organizing our knowledge in one place, a book for example, we can learn better our tools. A sample is available for download .

Who is writing this book

edwood-linkedinMy name is Edwood Ocasio, a developer with 20+ years of experience in different programming languages and industries.  Python and JavaScript are currently my main business programming languages and I am making a living thanks to them. For the same amount of years I taught college and graduate level courses on computers, software development and mathematics.

Other books published:

  1. Python Does PDF: pyFPDF
  2. Interviews with leaders of the scientific open source software community Vol. 1 & 2

LinkedIn: edwood.ocasioTwitter: @edwood_ocasio and @floss4science


The price of of the book will increase as I add more content.  Updates to the book will be free for all buyers, even as price increases.


After your purchase you will have 30 days to ask for a refund, no questions asked.  After the refund you will not received any further updates nor have access to the new resources.

Please, read the sample content before buying.  If after reading it, you are still not sure if the book will be valuable to you, even with future updates, do not buy it now.  To receive update announcements or tips about fullCalendar, subscribe to this blog using the subscription widget in the right sidebar.

About book updates

The book will be updated with content I already have planned, errata fixes and every time I learn something new and valuable about `fullCalendar`. If you buy the book those updates will be available to you at no additional cost. To send you the updates I will need to add your email to an email list for the book. If you want that,  write your preferred email in the box provided in the checkout (“Email for book updates:”).  It is the only way I can make available new versions of the book to you.


Site license


(share content in private intranet for up to 5 developers; only one email will receive updates)


After receiving confirmation of your purchase I will send you a download link as soon as possible (considering time zones differences). You will get three versions of the book in a ZIP file: PDF, mobi and epub.
When you buy the book all code samples and resources will be available in a ZIP package linked from the “Introduction”.
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